YFC local camp

One Week of Summer

July 19, 2021


The Experiences of the Week Enable Young People to Turn to Jesus. 

COVID-19 prevented Youth For Christ USA from a traditional summer camp strategy. South Central Minnesota YFC provided a space and a powerful blessing to young people this summer through YFC Prairie River Camp (a South Central Minnesota YFC ministry site).

Youth For Christ, known for being “geared to the times, and anchored to the Rock,” made changes this year to enable campers to have a camp experience on a local level. YFC South Central Minnesota owns Prairie River Camp, also located in South Central Minnesota, where camp weeks so far have brought groups from several other YFC Chapters, including Southeast Iowa, Greater Iowa, West Central Minnesota, and South Central Minnesota.

YFC Prairie River Camp

YFC Prairie River Camp exists to raise lifelong followers of Jesus by creating a transformational environment for young people through authentic relationships, shared experiences, outdoor challenges, and times of solitude that draw students to the heart of God.

Despite the uncertainty and restrictions due to COVID-19, Local YFC Executive Director, Greg Gudal said, “We were still able to bring a few YFC locations together to uncover God’s story in the lives of young people, not only in South Central Minnesota but beyond.”

Middle school participants explored God’s word and His promises by participating in activities including a climbing wall, a waterslide, and playing paintball, all while forming lasting friendships and discovering more about God and their relationship with Him.

God’s presence was felt through joyful camaraderie of the week, in both big and small ways. Peter Coffey, Camp Director of Prairie River Camp, relays one encounter that occurred the week of Paintball Camp said, “One young man shared that he and his girlfriend had recently given birth to a stillborn infant. Being at camp for the week helped him so he could not only talk to leaders, allowing them to dig deep. And he was also able to impact another young man who had gone through something similar. As a result, both of these young men turned to Jesus that week.”

In their own words…

When asked what the best part of camp was for them, campers responded:

  • “Everything! Seeing my YFC leader. We haven’t seen each other since last year.”
  • “Being able to meet new people and being able to talk to a YFC leader about life situations.”
  • “Learning and growing in my relationship with God and making new friends.”
  • “Hanging out with friends.”
  • “Learning about God and meeting cool new friends.”
  • “Meeting new people.”


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