Getting to Know Dale Bishop

May 22, 2022


Dale and Vicky have been married since 1973 and they work together in the ministry of Youth for Christ.  They have raised two sons, Joshua, who currently serves full-time with YFC of Detroit. Peter, Worked 17 years with YFC Detroit’s inner-city work, and 7 years with Westside Christian Academy. Dale and Vicky thoroughly enjoy their 6 Grandkids: 4 granddaughters and 2 Grandsons.

Dale was involved with The Voice of Christian Youth/ Youth for Christ as a teenager and started volunteering at Pine Hills Camp in 1965 every summer.  Dale was a Student Leader during his High School years at Seaholm High School.

Dale has been a Home-Missionary with Youth for Christ since December 1st 1972.  During the early days, Dale worked with the YFC Lifeline Program which was renamed Youth Guidance.  A ministry with troubled and at-risk youth in the Hazel Park School District, in serving as a Chaplain in local Youth Homes and in Detroit’s inner-city schools and neighborhoods in the City of Detroit.  He served as the Assistant Director of Detroit Metro YFC’s Youth Guidance ministry for 17 years and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Detroit Metropolitan Youth for Christ since 1993.

  • Dale is an Alumnus of Detroit Bible College.
  • In 1975 Dale completed the Vanguard Advanced Wilderness Training through Wheaton College.
  • In 1975 Dale completed YFC/USA Credentialing.
  • In the 1970-80’s, Dale assisted in the writing of YFC/USA Youth Guidance and Urban Ministry Training Manuals.
  • Dale was ordained as a Home Missionary through the Evangelical Church Alliance, Bradley, Illinois, in 1978.
  • Through the 1990’s and into the new millennium Dale served on the YFC/USA National Urban City Life and Diversity Task Force.
  • Dale serves as a Southfield Police Chaplain actively serving since 1978.
  • Dale volunteers with Angel Place’s Spiritual Development (a ministry to developmentally impaired adults).
  • For over 20 years Dale has volunteered with Angel Place with a team of spiritual life leaders ministering to Developmentally Challenged adults living in group homes.
  • In 1991 Dale was a co-founder in the development of MIDCOURSE CORRECTION along with Rich Wood and Al Stewart.  Rich Wood. Today this ministry continues as a 501c3 organization.  This ministry offers a weekend Correctional “Wake up call” opportunity for first-time offenders.
  • Dale is an Alumnus of the DeVos Urban Youth Worker Initiative class of 2009.
  • Dale is a certified Dirt Bike Instructor and directs a local YFC Dirt Bike Mentoring Program teaching kids basic riding skills and techniques leading to trail riding.
  • Dale is also a Michigan D.N.R. Hunter Education and Off-Road Vehicle Instructor.

Besides supporting Dale, Vicky works closely with the Board of trustees Treasurer and our local CPA as she serves as YFC’s Bookkeeper.  Vicky can also be found occasionally volunteering to cook for 30-60 hungry teenagers before the evening Club Meetings.