YFC DETROIT NYPUM Youth Outreach Program

The YFC Detroit NYPUM combines the incentive of riding mini-bikes and the love of the outdoors with the support that comes with the relationships that develop among participants and with their instructors.

Since its inception, NYPUM has proven to be highly effective at helping at-risk youth; children that have significant challenges with their behavior or academic performance. In more recent years, NYPUM has demonstrated that its services are also valuable as a prevention program to motivate all youth to make positive choices. This versatility allows NYPUM to adapt to the needs of every youth participant.

A key component to NYPUM's success is its capability to hold youth accountable for their decisions.  In NYPUM, youth earn every ride by achieving specific goals in their individual Success Plans. Youth participants, their parents or guardians, and their NYPUM instructor develop these plans cooperatively. Success Plans target each participant's unique challenges by creating opportunities for success.

Success Plans address things like academic performance, behavior in school or at home, or ability to meet curfews.

Youth can also participate by doing environmental and community service projects, and by taking on responsibilities to develop leadership. 

One of the conditions of the NYPUM program is to offer participation it at no cost to troubled youth involved.  By eliminating obstacles for the kids we are in a position to hold them accountable and put them in a position to “earn” their ride time through working on goals, doing community service, active improvement at school and home.

Thanks to the NYPUM program, we are able to provide training of the 21 riding lessons to at-risk students in our community at no cost to them besides their own personal improvement.

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