Converge Detroit History


Converge Detroit was birthed as a result of Christian youth workers in Detroit who grew tired of doing ministry alone.  After seeing so many of their peers leave the youth scene as well as many failed attempts of forming a youth network in recent years, it was clear to them that something needed to be done.

The mission began in December 2011 as a series of youth events known as Converge Detroit Club, targeting kids who are un-churched and unconnected.  Through the partnership, a great synergy was formed and all believed in the need for a formal network which addressed needs of youth workers.

After a series of monthly events following a youth pastor/worker appreciation in October 2012, a core group was formed, a name was chosen and it was decided that quarterly meetings would take place initially.  These meetings would include a fall appreciation brunch as well as a spring training.  Our first training was in October of 2014 and featured CCDA founder John Perkins.

The group looks forward to growth and the use of collective leadership, which allows everyone to mold and shape the direction of how Christians can direct youth culture through discipleship, empowerment and interdependence.

(Disclaimer:  Converge is not a ministry of YFC.  YFC hosts the site for the collective partnership as a service.  Converge Detroit is owned by participating ministries)